7 de dezembro de 2014

Tips for interested in brazilian missionary field

I must say that the most important and greatest necessity of my people is the Gospel Yes, the Gospel. This seems obvious. But, unfortunately, Brazil has heard false gospels, false teaching and false doctrines.

So, I will show you the most important points which you must fight.

First of all, you must fight the prosperity gospel. It is a cancer in our churches. In a third world country, it is so easy for this kind of heresy to grow. The people search for immediate solutions in their lives, such as a new job, new car, financial success, marriage (yes, this is true), healing of some disease, miracles, and all type of things that the gentiles seek (Matthew 6.32). And besides the people that enter in this way, there's a daily increase of evangelical churches which offer these things with their "pastors" that are trained in "nowhere seminary". Our situation is chaotic. The true Gospel was abandoned. Christ has become a marketing gimmick and someone who exists soley to give me something. The cross has lost its power and the church is a club for meeting friends. This is the reality of brazilian evangelicalism. 

Second, you must fight against the theological liberalism. Even today, deeper signs of classic theological liberalism are alive among us. Just two points about this: Bible authority (inerrancy and infallibility - these issues still echo here) and the De-churched. Both are children of liberalism today in Brazil and have their cradle in several theological seminaries. They say: the Bible has mistakes, the Bible isn't the word of God but only contains the word of God; we don't need to go to church, since we are the temple of Holy Ghost, God is everywhere, we don't need leadership, we are an island!
They refuse every commandment that goes against their sins. Like Bonhoeffer said in his work Discipleship: "Cheap grace is the mortal enemy of our church. Our fight today is for the precious grace." You have hard work to do. Be strong, biblical and don't negotiate the holy doctrine.

Third, you must fight against integral mission theology. We have many pastors thinking that the aim of the Gospel is worldly. Why do I say worldly? Because, like the liberation theology, these people think that the Gospel came to us to take away the world's problems, such as social injustice, poverty, and others things. Look, the christian, as a member of a local church, must vindicate all spheres of the society to the Kingdom of God. He must to be a grace agent in the world and reach each layer of the society with the true Gospel, in this way, the faithfull christian will do what James said in his letter about faith without works. He will serve God, doing good works before the church and before the gentiles and the world. But, when you confuse the work of the Gospel with the work of the christian, you have the problem of the integral mission theology. Once time I said: "Their love for the poor is larger than their love for Christ". This is the sad truth. They put the poor in Christ's place. Biblically, we must bring the word of God to the world and the elect will receive the Gospel and will dedicate their lives to Christ. Thereafter, the church will help the necessities of the believer, others believers will help each other and all of them will assist the society with the good works.

Finally, Brazil must return to the scriptures and to reformed doctrines. If you are thinking of coming here, be wise, keep your eyes wide open and don't cease fire against the heresies. 

God bless you!

Text: Leandro Lobato
Revised by Daniel Gardner

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